Achieving Cutting Accuracy with Motoman Plasma Cutting Robots

Motoman Plasma cutting robots bring extreme accuracy to the production line. These plasma cutting robots can be so precise that they help reduce the overall waste, saving the company time and money. Furthermore, Motoman Plasma cutting robots do not need to take breaks or vacation, bringing ultimately productivity to the line.

Achieving Cutting Accuracy with Motoman Plasma Cutting Robots


Accuracy when cutting is extremely important. When a manual cutting application takes off too much or too little, it causes the parts and products to not be uniform, which could mess with the product integrity down the line, or cause the product to become damaged or ruined. With Motoman plasma cutting robots, this is no longer a problem. Motoman plasma cutters are able to achieve pinpoint accuracy with every cut.

Cutting is a tough application. Just a millimeter too much or too little could ruin a product. With an investment in a Motoman plasma cutting robot, this is no longer a problem or a fear. Motoman plasma cutting robots are able to take off just enough, every single time. They also do not suffer from winding down throughout the day, as human workers do, so they do not get tired and accidentally cause a part error either.

As a matter of fact, plasma cutting robots from Motoman are able to cut materials day or night, 365 days a year. They do not need days off, they do not need vacations, and they do not need to rest or refuel throughout the day. They could, in theory, run constantly all year long. This means they do not suffer from illness or injury either, and that allows them to boost product uptime throughout the year.

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