Achieving Precise Orbital Welds with Used Fanuc Robots

RobotWorx takes pride in their new and used robotic options they offer customers, including their used Fanuc orbital welding robots. There are a wide range of arc welding robots that can accomplish orbital welding and bring extreme levels of precision and productivity to the manufacturing line. Contact RobotWorx experts today to discuss your specific needs and then determine the perfect robot for the job.

Achieving Precise Orbital Welds with Used Fanuc Robots

Orbital welding robots

Precision is everything in welding, especially when it comes to orbital welding. Unlike regular metal welding, where you work along a seam on a flat surface, orbital welders have to work along the curvier metal areas, like the circular shape of a pipe. Fanuc has many arc welding robots that are perfectly suited to perform orbital welding. They have many benefits and advantages for the manufacturers, the most standout advantage being the robots’ level of precision when completing an orbital weld.

When a human welder has to perform orbital welding, it can be awkward, and the weld can be easily broken or stopped and restarted during the process, which can cause weakness in the weld. A robotic welder is able to move around an orbit more efficiently than human arms, and it does so without breaking the weld, providing a strong weld every time.

However, that is not the only accuracy benefit that an orbital welding robot from Fanuc will bring to your proverbial manufacturing table. A Fanuc orbital welder can also perform welding without any shakes or deviations from the seam, something that can also be difficult for a manual welder. This means that you get a continuous weld that also glides right along the seam of a pipe. This is especially important with pipe welding, because the last thing anyone wants is a leaky pipe. Whether it be gas or fluid running through a pipe, one weak or cracked weld can disrupt an entire system.

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