All the pretty robotic systems

There are several different systems that need to work together in order for a robot to perform a specific application well. The robotic systems include the controller, the body, power, sensors, and tools.

All the pretty robotic systems


A robotic system has several different systems that must work together for the robot to perform a certain application. Like the systems of the human body – nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc. – if these robotic systems do not work well together, the robot will break down, which makes them dependent on each other, like the heart is dependent on the lungs, and vice versa. These systems are the controller, the body, power, sensors, and tools.

The controller, the brain of the robot, is where the robot is programmed. It is robot system that commands the robot – it tells it when, where and how to move. It will tell a robot how tolerant an object is and adjust accordingly. This system also controls the applications the robot performs.

The metal structure of the robot, also known as the body, holds many of the other components together, much like the bone and muscular systems in the human body. Industrial robots are shaped like arms, with a shoulder, arm and wrist. These robotic systems are vital to contain all the other systems and their cabling.

The energy, the robotic power system, is supplied through an electrical source of some type, usually routed through the controller. However, some robots do use hydraulic or pneumatic power sources to run their applications.

Sensors are the vision and touch robot systems. A vision sensor can take pictures of an object so the robot knows which pieces to pick up or work with and which pieces to reject. It allows the robot to “see”. The touch sensors can be used as a way for the robot to sense when it should stop moving or slow down. This can be helpful during material handling applications, but also for safety reasons.

These robotic systems together create all the industrial robots on the market today. While it may just seem like a metal arm that moves around, it is really a quite advanced piece of equipment that has completely changed the face of manufacturing today.

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