Assembly with pictures – vision is guiding assembly robotics


It is easy to understand why being able to “see” an item might be effective in helping to improve assembly robotics. I mean, would it be easier to assemble an item while blindfolded or while looking at it?

The same principle applies to vision assembly robots. When given a camera that allows the vision feature to be applied to the application, accuracy and precision are improved even further. By employing this feature, companies are able to compete in their industry.

Vision-based robotic assembly comes in handy in manufacturing customized products, as opposed to mass manufacturing. Products have more features, so manufacturing runs tend to be smaller. Instead of having to rebuild an entire line or reprogram all the robots for a different project, vision assembly robots can take pictures of the products they are working with and adjust accordingly to perform the application.

Vision cameras can also be set up independently of a robot, to ensure that assembly robots are doing their job on every item on the line. Assembly vision robotics have also been employed for quality control testing. Customers are expecting increasingly accurate craftsmanship on their products. Vision-equipped robots can look for chips or defects on products prior to them shipping out of the factory.

Vision robotic assembly systems will increase accuracy and speed overall, allowing products to get out to the customers faster, which, again, will make them competitive in their respective markets. This, along with the quality increase that comes with vision assembly robots, will not only keep manufacturers costs down, but will also increase their revenue.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of FANUC, ABB, Universal Robots, Motoman, and KUKA robotics, has several vision features available for purchase. RobotWorx’ highly skilled team of craftsmen will work to customize a robot with all the features you need for your vision assembly application.

For more information on vision robotic assembly, or to learn more about automation with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.

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