Benefits of Robot Software

Robot simulation software helps a company to ensure their production line is running most efficiently. Robotic software also allows user to program complex tasks, allowing the manufacturing line to perform more quickly.

Benefits of Robot Software


Determining the proper positioning of industrial robots can be a huge challenge when setting up a robot work cell. Even small errors or oversights in robot position or proximity to other equipment could result in expensive downtime and repositioning. Worse still, a miscalculation in what size of robot to purchase or what range-of-motion it needs to have could result in it not being the correct robot for the job. This would mean an expensive, time-consuming, and fully avoidable problem for the company relying on the robots.

In light of this challenge, the benefits of robot simulation software like RobotWorks (not to be confused with the company RobotWorx) become obvious. This simulation program works with popular robot models like Fanuc, KUKA, and Motoman and allows robot buyers to set up a virtual robot work cell in a computer before ordering the actual robots. This allows the buyer to identify the best arrangement of the robot work cell, ensuring each robot can reach where it needs to in order to efficiently perform its job, all while taking up the least amount of space. The robot simulation software can also assure that the robots in the work cell won’t run into each other, or whatever they are working on, avoiding costly damage. A very important consideration with these types of software is the accuracy of the computer robot models since the simulation is useless if the computer models don’t behave like the real robots. This is where RobotWorx can use its expertise and resources to answer questions about the benefits of robot simulation software and guide you to the best program for your needs.

The benefits of robot software also apply to the physical robots themselves. Modern industrial robots can be programmed individually or together as a complete work cell using programs like ABB’s AnyWhere. This beneficial robot software allows the user to program complex tasks in a short amount of time with easy-to-understand desktop-style interfaces or icon-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Another benefit of ABB’s AnyWhere software is that it allows remote access with network connected robots. This allows the monitoring of a robot’s performance and ability to make any necessary changes to its programming from a remote location.

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