Benefits of Using Packaging Robots

Automating a packaging production line helps to reduce the labor costs and increase the safety environment. Packaging robots will also help to increase the overall productivity, output, and throughput as they are very precise, yet flexible.

Benefits of Using Packaging Robots


In the food/beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other major manufacturing industries, the benefits of packaging robots are becoming more apparent. When a robotic arm can put in as many as 70,000 working hours before experiencing a mechanical failure, the company is reaping the benefit.

Packaging robots reduce labor and safety costs while increasing throughput. Robots work at a high speed, thus increasing productivity and output. They allow the removal of a loading funnel that slows throughput. Robots are also precise and flexible, two characteristics that contribute to their cost-savings reputation. The need for additional work and double-checking is eliminated. Further, the use of robots allows the manufacturer to do without additional mechanical loaders and their maintenance. Instead, a single robot can perform packaging collation, layer insertion, palletization, case packing and tipping.

Packaging robots reduce damage to products. Their precise movements eliminate scratching or otherwise damaging the surface of products. In the pharmaceutical industry, robots help avoid contamination. The company can be assured that packaging robots will get their products to their customers in pristine condition.

Robots are reliable. They are more accurate than their human counterparts, and decrease instances of faulty packaging. 6-axis robots can replicate arm and hand movements identically for greater accuracy to optimize case sizes as well.

The flexible nature of robots contributes to their efficiency. They can sustain their work in unfavorable conditions for humans. The temperature doesn’t matter to robots, and they won’t be affected by fumes or dust. They can avoid obstacles that other mechanical systems can’t. They save space with their small footprint, and can be mounted in a variety of ways. Finally, robots allow greater flexibility to accommodate industry trends. Robots are able to rebuild a line in a cheaper way if the industry needs change.

Lowering costs, increasing accuracy, and avoiding product damage are significant ways that packaging robots are beneficial to a manufacturer. The easy-to-use, flexible packaging robot is a wise choice for packaging needs. RobotWorx representatives can help you customize the right packaging robot for your facility that would add the most benefit. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.