BrainTech Vision Guided Technology Continues to Grow

Braintech is a technology that continues to advance and helps develop, supply, and support machine vision guidance systems. ABB operates together with Braintech helping to bring major orders from large manufacturers such as Ford.

BrainTech Vision Guided Technology Continues to Grow


Braintech is a vision-guided robotic application supplier with a lot of big names on its client list. It develops, supplies, and supports machine vision guidance systems for robots. Its principal product, eVisionFactory, is software used in the design, development, operation, and support of vision guided robotic systems.

Braintech and ABB operate together under a strategic alliance; ABBexclusively uses Braintech vision guidance technology inside of its TrueView Vision Guided Robotics system. The partnership has resulted in major orders from giant manufacturers like Ford.

Braintech’s Single Camera 3D software continues to expand through automotive markets, used in operations such as material handling and engine head decking. The automotive industry is increasingly utilizing these system types. The Single Camera 3D system automates very complex tasks while alleviating serious ergonomic risks to personnel and quality control issues.

Braintech also ventured into transmission production, as a purchase order from ABB for two 3D-VGR solutions was received from a transmission manufacturer. Brantech solutions will guide ABB robots from ABB’s Robotic, Automotive, and Manufacturing Group to locate heavy transmission castings on pallets, move the castings to a work area, and then pick up the empty pallet and place it on a conveyor.

Braintech’s expertise is not limited to the automotive industry. eVisionFactory Lite software is certified to run on Sony’s new generation of smart cameras. The eVF Lite software on Sony’s smart cameras allows an industrial PC to be combined with a CCD camera and Braintech’s Vision Guided Robotics software in a small form factor. This compact vision system is suitable for 2-D and 3-D robotic vision guidance applications in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries. This ground-breaking technology demonstrates the first time vision guidance users can utilize 2 and 3-D vision capabilities without the need to install a full computer on the factory floor. Braintech later enhanced the eVF Lite Software with its SR3D technology, enabling multiple smart cameras to work together simultaneously.

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