Buying a Robot from RobotWorx

​RobotWorx representatives take pride in their customer service, they will take the time to listen to your production needs and then decide on the best robotic application. It is important for you to know your production expectations, budget, and expected floor blueprint before deciding on a system. RobotWorx engineers will do the research to find all of the right options for your needs, including the robot, controller, teach pendant, etc.

Buying a Robot from RobotWorx


When someone makes up their mind to buy a robot for their factory, the process can begin quickly, but usually takes a bit of time authorize and become a reality in their shop. Buying a robot isn’t a complicated process, but because it can be an expensive process, it takes time to make sure everything is designed just right before purchasing. The experts at RobotWorx can help get through the purchasing process with ease.

So, what is the first thing you do when you decide to buy a new robot? Before approaching an integrator, you should have some idea of what you expect that robot to do. If your robot or work cell does not have your material handling or welding process translated into movements that make sense for a robot, its application processes will not be optimized, and you will not receive the full speed and accuracy benefits that come with a robotic system.

Once you explain to RobotWorx what you want to do, and they decide to take you on as a client, then the fun begins. Our application engineers begin doing lots of research to find all the right product options for your robot – the controller, welding package, end effector, etc. Once they have all of that together, they will shoot it over to our sales team, who will call companies, get prices, and put together a quote for your system.

While the sales team at RobotWorx knows that sometimes the price of a new robotic system can be scary, or downright shock-inducing, there are ways to still save money and automate. There are two reactions when your company sees the price of the robot: either they are going to happy because it is lower than expected or unhappy because the price is higher than they expected. Either way, we can accommodate your purchase. Those who see the lower price may want to add more features to their cell, while others may want to take things off their quote. Our sales staff has no problem revising the quote to fit the satisfaction of our customers.

Once the quote is revised, and it is agreed on by the customer, RobotWorx will wait for the customer’s company to approve a purchase order for the system, and send a down payment. Once this takes place, the engineers and techs will begin allocating the parts to build the system or work cell. When it comes to payment for the system, some companies will send the entire payment, while others will go with a financing option. We will even work with you to buy back your robot when you are finished if you don’t plan to have it for long.

So, do you only get the robot system and nothing else? Of course not! RobotWorx provides free training for up to three of your company’s employees at our facility in Marion, Ohio. We will set you up with one of our technicians, and they answer all of your questions. Then, it is just a matter of arranging the shipping and transport to get the robot to your facility. All new RobotWorx robots come with a full 1-year warranty, and phone support for the life of your robot.

Are you interested in learning more about RobotWorx and the robots we sell here? Then contact us online or give us a call today at 740-251-4312.

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