Cleveland Ohio rocks at robotics manufacturing

Cleveland, Ohio is staying competitive with the integration of steel robotics in the steel mills. Industrial robots are huge additions to help cut steel and increase the quality of the weld for part fabrication.

Cleveland Ohio rocks at robotics manufacturing


Cleveland, Ohio is one of the largest cities in Ohio, and possibly one of the largest in the region. With Lake Erie to the north and Pennsylvania to the east, Cleveland is always competing with two things – the cold and PA manufacturing industries.

With a large manufacturing culture, Cleveland continues to expand its robotic automation. Companies like NUCOR Steel can use robotics in their steel mills and foundries to cut steel, as well as welding fabricated parts.

Another Cleveland company, General Aluminum, works to make aluminum castings for goods. Working with metal in a molten form can create high temperature environments. When robots are used instead of laborers, it saves workers from hazardous working conditions.

And, along with all these metal working companies, there are also consumer goods, transportation manufacturers and other industries that depend on robotics on a daily basis, and they are needed. For example, companies like TRW Automotive, which makes after-market automotive parts, can use robotics to form, cut, debur and polish their parts, along with other processes.

There is also another reason robotics are needed. A once booming workforce has dwindled in this technological and service oriented generation. Robotics give manufacturers the workers that they need, and the speed and precision that just improve their production overall.

Thankfully, the manufacturing industry in Cleveland has companies like RobotWorx to look to for all their robotic needs. With a company like RobotWorx, manufacturers in Cleveland and other cities all over Ohio and the United States have access to hundreds of robot models to perform dozens of robotic applications.

When you choose RobotWorx, you are choosing a company with a 20-year reputation of customizing robotic systems to meet all of our customers’ needs. For more information on automating with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.