Compact Power with the Motoman HP3JC

The Motoman HP3JC is a compact robot that brings top speeds and power to your work environment. After integrating an HP3JC robot, a manufacturer can expect a decrease in cycle times and an increase in the quality of the product. Furthermore, the Motoman HP3JC is versatile as it can be mounted to the floor, wall, or ceiling, providing flexible layouts.

Compact Power with the Motoman HP3JC

Motoman HP3JC Robot

Sometimes, the best things come in the small packages. That is the case with the Motoman HP3JC. This compact, high-speed robot is able to bring a lot of power to a work environment without necessarily needing to take up a lot of space or interrupt operations already taking place in that work space. With the HP3JC, a manufacturer can expect a decrease in cycle times without also decreasing the quality of its products.

How small is small?

The base width of the Motoman HP-3JC is only 200 mm, which allows it to be mounted in extremely confined spaces, according to Motoman. It can be mounted to the floor, a wall, or even the ceiling, which gives the manufacturer some versatility in the production layout for the robot.

This small parts handling robot is great at getting into smaller areas too, areas that may be difficult to reach by hand or by the grippers of other larger robot systems.

Another plus for the space saving HP 3JC is that it uses the compact NXC100 controller, which is stackable, and can be mounted in out of the way places to conserve even more floor space.

So, what can the Motoman HP3JC do?

As mentioned above, this compact, powerful robot is perfectly suited for a variety of dispensing and material handling applications. It can also be used for lab automation, inspection, testing, educational opportunities, and research. There are a variety of applications and operations that it can perform, making it a great robot for many different industries.

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