Decreasing Cycle Times with the Motoman HP3XFC

The Motoman HP3XFC robot can help bring dramatic cycle time changes to a production line. The HP3XFC also can bring amazing speeds and accuracy, helping to not only bring greater productivity but product quality. The Motoman HP3XFC robot is a compact robot with a 701 mm reach, bringing a desirable work envelope.

Decreasing Cycle Times with the Motoman HP3XFC

Motoman HP3xfc robot

The length of cycle times can greatly impact the productivity of a line. If cycles take too much time, it can drastically slow the production process. The Motoman HP3XFC is one robot that manufacturers can turn to if they want to see their cycle times dramatically decrease. The HP3XFC by Motoman is designed to work with great speed and accuracy to lower cycle times and improve productivity.

This robot was designed specifically for material handling applications that are high in frequency. This robot is able to move at super-human speeds, reducing cycle times to a mere 0.4 seconds per cycle during handling applications. No human worker could match those speeds, especially while trying to maintain the quality of the products and parts being handled.

There are several other benefits to purchasing a Motoman HP-3XFC as well. It is a maximum range robot, with a 701mm reach, despite its compact size. This robot is not only tuned for high speeds, but also high levels of precision. This means that each part will be handled exactly the same and placed exactly the same to ensure that uniformity throughout the production line. The speed and accuracy by which the HP-3XFC can operate will allow manufacturers to take on more orders and grow their company over time. This robot can use either the NX100 controller with a large cabinet or the NXC100 controller with a more compact, space-saving cabinet.

Are you interested in learning more about the Motoman HP3XFC robot or other robots in the Motoman line? If so, you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics, at 740-251-4312 today! Representatives can also be reached here.

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