Doing more with less – lean manufacturing

​Lean manufacturing enables you to slim down production lines and ultimately save money on production, labor, and energy costs. A manufacturing line that is lean is able to work smarter, not harder. Lean manufacturing lines also help to decrease waste produced during manufacturing while also speeding up the entire production process.

Doing more with less – lean manufacturing


Lean manufacturing is a trend that has been making its way around markets for years. It is a very simple idea – do the same or more production with less work, without sacrificing quality. The seven ways in which manufacturing creates wastes are: over production, unnecessary stock, inefficient transportation, unnecessary motion, waiting times, rejects and defects, and inappropriate processing.

By finding ways to slim down production lines, manufacturers are able to save money on production, labor and energy costs. These advantages also reduce the amount of waste produced during manufacturing, which can be friendly to the environment.

A lean manufacturer is one that finds ways to work smarter instead of harder. For example, when you realign your production line to use industrial robotic work cell automation, which can perform several applications at one workstation, manufacturers are able to do away with several different steps that are not necessary to the production process. This not only reduces waste, but it also speeds up production, making the entire process more efficient.

As mentioned above, a manufacturer that chooses lean practices is also investing in cleaner manufacturing. When a company reduces the amount of waste it produces during manufacturing, it is good for everyone involved. How is this done? By investing in equipment like industrial robots that are more precise in their applications. This means that they don’t use as much material during dispensing and welding processes and do not remove too much during removal processes. This crackdown on worker errors, by switching to robot automation, completely leans the manufacturer’s production tactics. When this waste is not produced, it also is more environmentally-friendly, while saving manufacturers money on material costs.

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