Door Hardware in Rockwood, Pennsylvania

Rockwood, Pennsylvania has a manufacturing company that specializes in hardware for doors. They have decided to integrate automated robotic technology and have not looked back. Their robots can bring amazing precision and polishing to the hardware with different EOAT. Automating these manufacturing processes is saving companies money and time.

Door Hardware in Rockwood, Pennsylvania


When people think of Pennsylvania, they may think of the big cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, then may think of the farming and they may even think of the natural gas, coal and steel mill works in the area commonly referred to as “The Rust Belt.” In addition to all of these well known facts about the state, there are also lesser known facts, like the level of manufacturing that takes place in Pennsylvania, even in the smallest of towns, like Rockwood, PA.

Rockwood, Pennsylvania is located in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania. This town of 954 residents has limited access to freeways and other transportation because of the mountains nearby, but it does still have manufacturing that goes on there. As a matter of fact, Rockwood Manufacturing has been in business for more than 60 years. Rockwood Manufacturing Company specializes in hardware for doors like door pulls, push and pull bars, kick plates, door stops and other hardware. This is another example of a company that could do even better with the addition of some automated robotic technology.

Robots are able to do several tasks that take place in companies like Rockwood Manufacturing in Rockwood, Pennsylvania. A robot can cut melt precisely for the hardware pieces, a robot can assemble to different hardware and a robot can shine it up with a polishing end effector to make sure that it looks attractive to the consumer. By making these kinds of automated revisions to their production line, companies like Rockwood could improve their production, while also saving on costs.

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