Dying for DieCast Software

Today, the majority of products produced in the metal working industry are die cast, so integrating a die cast industrial robot will keep you competitive in the global market. ABB created a great software called RobotWare diecast to help enhance the production process even more.

Dying for DieCast Software


From children’s toys to automobile parts, the majority of products that are mass-produced in the metalworking industry are die cast. Robots have automated the die casting process, and their die casting software enables them to possess the ability to handle hot metal spits, heat, and all lubricants in die casting foundries. During the process of die casting, in which molten metal is forced under high pressure into a mold cavity, robots will handle all extraction, insertion, and ladling. 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) robot diecast software is the primary choice of most manufacturers.

RobotWare DieCast was developed by ABB for machine tending and post processing. It boasts easy installation with its predefined machine interfaces. In fact, “ease” is the key word when it comes to RobotWare DieCast software. It is easy to program and easy to operate with constant process control.

The seven-step programming wizard allows the user to create and set up machine tending programs with no need for previous knowledge of programming language.

The seven steps are:

  • Name
  • Define gripper
  • Define cell
  • Define cycles
  • Define each station
  • Define cell path
  • Check and save

However, this software also invites more experienced programmers to use RAPID technology to change and program individual stations.

As RobotWare DieCast operates, the robot movements are displayed in real time, and error logs as well as statistics are apparent on screen. The software coupled with machine logic enables a communication interface between the robot and die cast machines. Further, the advanced Motion Technology the software employs will ensure the robot’s performance in speed and accuracy.

Some other features of this robotic diecast software are: user authorization, remote control, hot edit, production statistics, event log, structured programming, and safe home run. Safe home run allows the software to adjust to problems during production. If a problem occurs in one area, the software instructs the robot to continue production around the problem. In the event of a power outage, the robot will restart at exactly the same position. Safety zones can also be programmed.

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