Electrical Signals: ABB Sensors

ABB’s offers uses a variety of sensors to help improve the automated production system. ABB's sensors use electrical signals to help coordinate the opening and closing of a machine while also helping improve workplace safety. The safety sensors help to ensure that a gate or hatch is properly closed, otherwise leading to a stop signal.

Electrical Signals: ABB Sensors


Almost all of ABB products and systems are equipped with sensors. Sensors take a physical measurement and turn it into an electrical signal, which is processed and transformed into useful information. Sensors deliver the input information to control processes and protect systems.

ABB’s sensor offerings include indoor and outdoor sensors. Inside, combined sensors, voltage sensors, and current sensors are offered. For the outdoors, voltage sensors and split-core sensors are offered.

ABB’s Machine Sync uses a linear sensor on a machine’s moving plate to synchronize the robot’s movement. It coordinates the opening and closing of a machine during a machine tending operation. The reduced extraction time improves machine cycle time and increases output.

ABB also emphasizes workplace safety. Therefore, ABB developed the Eden AS-I non-contact safety sensor for the highest safety level. It is for use on interlocked gates, hatches, etc. The sensor is activated if the gate or hatch is closed. It constantly communicates between two parts and any failure leads immediately to a stop signal.

RobotWorx is an authorized ABB robot integrator. We buy and sell new and used ABB robots along with ABB parts. Sensors are important to the accuracy of a robot and sometimes need to be replaced. If you need to replace your sensor, contact us online or at 877-762-6881.