Enclosures in Saginaw, Michigan


Saginaw, Michigan was once a booming logging town. Then, after the logging industry moved on, Saginaw started to rise as a manufacturing hub in Michigan. Of course, like all other manufacturing communities in Michigan, the city was hit hard in the first part of the 21st century by population decline and the movement of businesses from the urban areas to the suburbs. While this has led to problems in the area, manufacturers and distributors are still hanging on in Saginaw, furthering the existence of Michigan’s manufacturing history.

Saginaw Control & Engineering has been in business in Saginaw for more than 50 years. The company constructs standard and custom enclosures, like operator system, wall-mount, free-standing floor-mounted and modular enclosures, made of carbon steel, stainless steel or fiberglass. While companies like Saginaw Control & Engineering are successful and have longevity in their market, the incorporation of robotic technology into their processes could only improve productivity.

Robotic systems can perform several different operations for companies like SCE. A robot can cut steel or fiberglass pieces for the enclosures, a robot can assemble the enclosures, a robot can perform finishing applications on the piece, and robots can get an enclosure ready for shipping. By using robotic automation in this way, manufacturers can save money on production and labor costs through the reduction of production time for each enclosure. Products are made more quickly and at a higher standard than can be achieved with manual applications.

If a manufacturer in Saginaw, MI is looking for a top quality new or used robotic system, they need to contact RobotWorx in Marion, OH. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUCABBMotoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has access to several hundred robot models to fit all applications and budgetary needs. Our skilled staff will work with you the engineer the system perfect for your facility.

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