Enhancing manufacturing for Ohio companies

Manufacturing companies in Ohio are very quickly realizing the financial and productivity benefits brought by industrial robots. Industrial robots can handle a wide range of applications such as assembly, material handling, and welding; they bring huge advantages to production lines of all kinds.

Enhancing manufacturing for Ohio companies


Every day robots are becoming more and more common in Ohio manufacturing companies. There are industrial robots that assemble and weld planes, trains and automobiles. There are robots that weld metal works large and small. There are even robots that polish and finish products, shining them up like a new penny.

Ohio companies are learning that through robotic manufacturing, they are getting more bang for their buck. A robotic welder can do as much work for a metal works company as four men manually welding. While the company is investing $30,000-$60,000 initially in an automated welding system, they are saving money in the long run, cutting production and labor costs annually by more than half.

And this kind of automation is not only happening in the large companies in Ohio. With the cost of new industrial robotics dropping on a daily basis, and the availability of used or refurbished robot systems that can fit almost any budget, smaller Ohio companies are also getting in on the automation game.

Overall, robots account for automation in thousands of companies all over the country, many of them in Ohio. When an Ohio manufacturing company invests in robotic automation, they can count on an increase in their production speed, as well as an enhanced quality of their products. They can also count on a decrease in cost, across the board, and an increased level of competitiveness in their marketplace.

Companies like RobotWorx buy new and used robots, and customize them for customers all over Ohio. From Cleveland to Columbus and down to Cincinnati, RobotWorx works with many different Ohio companies all over the manufacturing spectrum to provide them with customized robotic systems to improve their businesses.

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