Erasing Tedium with Fanuc Spot Welding Robots

Fanuc spot welders can take over the tedious tasks and bring increased speeds and productivity. Spot welding no longer needs to be a slow and task intensive process with the integration of a Fanuc spot welding system. These Fanuc spot welding robots will increase the overall product quality and morale of your production line.

Erasing Tedium with Fanuc Spot Welding Robots

Fanuc spot welding robots

Spot welding is an effective form of welding that has been around for many years. Fanuc Robotics, along with others in the robotics industry, have found a way to translate the spot welding task for robots to perform. Fanuc spot welding robots have several benefits vs a manual spot welding application, but the one benefit that outshines them all is their sheer speed.

Spot welding parts manually can be a tedious, awkward process because of the heaviness of the welding gun. When manufacturers choose to invest in a Fanuc robotic spot welder, all of those disadvantages fall away, and there is no longer a reason for spot welding to be a slow, tedious process. One spot welding robot from Fanuc can do the job of four manual welders, so productivity is boosted exponentially.

What does a boost in speed mean for the company? When companies purchase a Fanuc robot spot welding system and put it to work, they will see a change in cycle times almost immediately. Plus, these robots can work every shift, even 24 hours a day if necessary. That means that projects are done faster for customers in some industries and products are ready for consumers faster in others. Either way, the speed of a Fanuc robot spot welder improves the amount of business companies can handle, and it improves the reputation of the company in the marketplace.

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