Exhaust and Converters in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Ypsilanti, Michigan is home to Bosal North America, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of car components. Their business use industrial robots to create high performance exhaust systems, catalytic converters, and other related components through the cutting, welding, and shaving of metal. They have found industrial robots to bring a higher quality weld product that improves their cycle times and lowers their costs overall.

Exhaust and Converters in Ypsilanti, Michigan


With a name like Ypsilanti, nicknamed Ypsi, it is hard to forget this small Michigan town of less than 20,000. Lying in the southeastern part of the state, Ypsilanti has seen its share of manufacturing history, playing an important role in the huge automotive industry in Michigan. Not only did Apex Motors construct the “ACE” car in Ypsilanti from 1920-1922, but Preston Tucker (maker of the Tucker ’48) also constructed the prototypes for his car in Ypsilanti, where his family owned the Ypsilanti Machine Tool Company. Today, Ypsilanti, Michigan has seen its fair share of luck and hardship, but there are still manufacturers in the area serving the automotive industry.

Bosal North America has a location in Ypsilanti, MI. Bosal is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high performance exhaust systems, catalytic converters and other related components. These types of components need to be cut from metal, welded together, shaved down and finished before being sent off to the consumer. Robots can make those processes easier and more affordable.

When companies like Bosal choose robotic automation to assemble and weld their exhaust and converter components, they are choosing a system that will improve their cycle times and lower their costs overall. For example, a robot can weld as quickly as four manual welders, while producing superior-quality welds. This saves the company production time and labor costs, while also decreasing the amount of downtime workers need to get the job done. Robotic welders can also run virtually 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which further decreases downtime.

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