Extended Reach Robots

A robot's extended reach can not be recreated by human labor. It allows the robot to reach farther on their own, meeting the exact needs on their production line. Many times, extended reach robots can extend far while also being able to complete a back bend, bringing increased versatility and flexibility.

Extended Reach Robots


One of the many reasons that companies switch from manual labor to robotic labor for some jobs is because of the robot’s extended reach – a reach that could not be recreated by a human, unless that human was Inspector Gadget. However, while robots can reach rather far on their own, companies like Motoman, KUKA, Fanuc, Universal Robots, and ABB have special robot models that extend that reach even further to meet all of their customers’ needs.

Extended reach robots are useful in many situations, especially for material handling and dispensing applications. A robot that has a horizontal reach of almost 2000mm can extend its reach even further by being able to do a back bend, of sorts, giving it the ability to reach 2000mm in any direction, not just the direction it is facing. This means that the robotic system’s extended reach allows it to provide customers with more flexible automation layouts and designs when integrating their system.

In the case of dispensing, extended reach robot systems are extremely important because of their ability to reach down into a car body or other work piece from a shelf and apply the correct amount of material necessary for that work piece. Because of the extended reach, these robots can often get into nooks and crannies that the human arm would not be able to reach on their own.

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