Fabrication and Polymers in Avon Lake, Ohio

Avon Lake, Ohio is home to Danco Metal Products are experts on metal fabrication. They have integrated robotic systems to improve their production process, welding metal pieces together faster and more efficiently.

Fabrication and Polymers in Avon Lake, Ohio


When you think of manufacturing in Ohio, you may think of metal or coal manufacturing – the state’s old school manufacturing. However, there is a whole new school of manufacturing in the state that has to do with plastics, colorants and polymers. In places like Avon Lake, Ohio, these two different kinds of manufacturing exist together, and both can be improved through the integration of robotic automation.

In Avon Lake, Ohio, there are places like Danco Metal Products that focus on metal fabrication. The company uses precision fabrication to make enclosures, metal cabinets and other metal parts for various industries. This type of fabrication can be easily improved through the integration of automated robots. A robot can weld metal work pieces together faster than any manual welding system. Robots can also move pieces to and from different presses or forming machines, as well as finish the products through deburring and polishing. This not only increases the speed of the production process, but also makes for a better quality product overall.

On the other side of the coin is the polymers manufacturing, like the PolyOne plant in Avon Lake, OH. This company supplies products to the medical, electrical and construction industries, as well as several others. Once again, these types of coating applications can be well improved by the employment of robots. Robots can spray these polymers and other coatings onto work pieces, using less polymer material than would be used during a manual process. The coating is also applied more consistently, which improves the product’s durability.

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