Fabrication in Sparta, Michigan

Sparta, Michigan is home to a metal fabrication and tube bending plant called Moiron. This company has turned to automation to help forge the steel, iron, and other metals into thing sheets to help make tubing. Investing in robotic automation has helped metal fabricators across the globe improve their product speeds and accuracy.

Fabrication in Sparta, Michigan


The history of metal fabrication in Michigan goes back to the car industry and probably before. Prior to the invention of cars and trucks, metal had to be fabricated for farm equipment like plows, as well as carriages to be pulled by horses. However, when the car business came to Michigan, the fabrication business boomed as well. Though many manufacturers have moved to other states or countries in the past decade, there are still those manufacturers with a foothold in their home state, even in the smaller towns and villages. One such village is the village of Sparta, Michigan.

Moiron Inc. is a metal fabrication and tube bending plant located in Sparta. Though located in a smaller town, the company is estimated to bring in revenues of over 20 million and has a staff of 50+ employees. Companies like Moiron, which specialize in metal fabrication, construct structures from raw materials. They forge the steel, iron and other metals, and then from that metal they can roll it out into thin sheets to make tubing, or use it in molds to make car parts or even building structures. In the business of metal fabrication, robotic automation is key.

A company like Moiron, which already has a smaller employment base than some, can really benefit from the advantages that are brought on with robot integration. Robots can work in foundries, they can weld, they can cut metal, they can shape metal, they can tend presses and extrusion machines, and then can perform end-of-line duties like packaging and palletizing for shipment. By investing in robotic automation, metal fabricators can improve the speed and accuracy with which their products are made, while also increasing the quality. It is a win-win for both manufacturers and consumers.

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