Fanuc Robots Bring Speed and Safety to Part Transfer Applications

Fanuc is known for their robotic systems, including their part transfer robots. Part transfer robots are very important to the manufacturing process, now helping to produce some of the best quality products. Part transfer robots by Fanuc are also very accurate and can process several times faster than a human worker.

Fanuc Robots Bring Speed and Safety to Part Transfer Applications


Part transfer is an integral part to any manufacturing process. Once done completely by hand, this process is now performed by part transfer robots, like those from Fanuc Robotics. Fanuc part transfer robots are some of the best quality robots on the market today, and they bring a level of speed and safety to the part transfer process that is unmatched by any of its human counterparts.

Speed is an important factor in the part transfer process. The faster a part is transferred from one place to another, the faster it can move along on the production line, and the faster it can get out the door to consumers. Fanuc part transfer robotic systems are able to perform this process several times faster than a manual process, and they are able to do it with a lot more accuracy, which is especially important when parts are being transferred from presses or conveyors.

But, it is not all about speed. It is also about safety. Fanuc robotic part transfer processes can improve the morale and health of the workers that once held that position. When human workers are transferring parts from one place to another all day, every day, they are prone to getting sore, and sometimes injured, because of the repetitive nature of the job. Now, human workers can be trained in a short amount of time to actually operate the Fanuc part transfer robot. This means that the workers are no longer at risk for injury, and they are able to gain more skills during the process.

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