Fanuc Work Cells – It’s all about the positioner

​The work cells from Fanuc combines different equipment items that work together to successfully and efficiently accomplish a task. Fanuc work cells are very versatile as they can work with a wide range of robots and have a range of setup options. There are gantry cells, ferris wheel cells, manual turntable cells, stationary table cells, and track cells.

Fanuc Work Cells – It’s all about the positioner


Work cells are a great way to get more “bang” for your buck. When a manufacturer uses a robotic work cell, like those made by Fanuc Robotics, they are getting equipment that works together to get an application accomplished. These Fanuc work cell designs are versatile and are able to work with the hundreds of Fanuc robot models available in the catalog.

Many of the robot workcells from Fanuc can be categorized by their positioners. There is a gantry cell, a ferris wheel cell, a manual turntable cell, a stationary table cell, a turntable cell and a track cell. Fanuc work cells have positioners that are able to move work pieces in and out of the robot work areas in different ways – some use a horizontal or vertical automatic turntable, others use a robot as the positioner and others are stationary with workers moving items in and out manually.

Fanuc work cells can be designed with new or used robots and will improve the productivity of your line. These work cells enhance the speed and accuracy of welding, material handling and material removal applications, while saving you on labor and production costs.

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