Fasteners in Macomb Michigan

FEC Automation systems is a company in Detroit, Michigan that specializes in automated electric fastening and servo press systems. The integration of industrial robots has been able to enhance the overall productivity of their processes. The FEC automation systems benefits from the robotic systems because they have customized EOAT systems to help build the perfect product.

Fasteners in Macomb Michigan


Like any larger city, Detroit has many communities that surround it. These suburbs are places where people living in Detroit wanted to move to get away from urban living and into more space. One of those suburbs, Macomb Township, is Michigan’s fastest growing municipality, increasing its population by 48 percent in 10 years. When suburbs pop up, they sometimes start as small housing communities and then over the years, developers come in and improve the infrastructure, bringing residents restaurants, retail and other amenities. Manufacturers have also moved to the suburbs to stretch and have more room, outside of the congested city.

One of those manufacturers, FEC Automation Systems, specializes in automated electric fastening and servo press systems. These end-of-arm tooling systems are complicated pieces to build, and the integration of robotics into the production process can only enhance the overall productivity.

When companies like FEC Automation Systems craft presses and fastener end effectors, using robotic automation makes sense to create a lean manufacturing flow for the company. Robots can be used to assemble end effectors, package them and prepare them for shipping faster than their human counterparts. Also, by using robotic vision sensors, robots can perform their own quality control on products, which cuts down on worker error and the possibility of damaged goods leaving the factory. This not only improves the quality of the product, but also enhances the reputation of the company.

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