Foundry and Lean Manufacturing in Clyde, Ohio

The state of Ohio has a wide range of manufacturing businesses that have integrated industrial robots to improve their processes. The robotic technology that has been integrated has helped industries of all types such as steel cutting and molding plastics.

Foundry and Lean Manufacturing in Clyde, Ohio


There is a great diversity in the manufacturing around the state of Ohio. Many different types of manufacturing can exist in the same area, like foundry steel works existing in the same place as injection molding plastics manufacturing. This is the case in Clyde, Ohio. No matter what industry a manufacturer serves, there is only positives when companies decide to improve their productivity with the help of integrated robotic technology.

Gerstenslager Company has a branch of its international company in Clyde, Ohio. This is a steel working company with blast furnaces. Foundry work, like is found in steel plants, can produce hot, humid work conditions that can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous to human workers. That is one of the ways robots can help – certain robots are specially designed to work in even the hottest conditions. This moves human workers out of the hot areas, which improves not only the health of workers, but also the morale of the facility overall. By raising the health and morale levels, manufacturers will have less downtime and sick time during production. Also, robots do not need days off, breaks or vacations, which means an even further decrease in downtime, which improves production numbers.

Another type of manufacturer, Revere Plastics Systems, is one of top 25 injection molded plastics companies in the U.S. They are headquartered in Clyde, Ohio. This company prides itself on lean manufacturing processes. Lean manufacturing is another way that robots can help a production line. Robotic automation promotes lean manufacturing by cutting down on the amount of equipment or steps needed to create a product. One robot can perform several different applications like material handling, material removal and welding, depending on the end effector. With this type of versatility, robots can drive down production costs.

So, where can companies in Clyde, Ohio turn for all of their new and used robotic needs? They can turn to in Marion, Ohio. provides solutions from several top robotics companies like KUKA, Motoman, Fanuc, Universal Robots, and ABB. Manufacturers who choose are choosing a company with new or used robot systems that can fit any application or budget needs. Our used robots go through an extensive reconditioning process to ensure they are performing at the top of their game when they go to their facility for integration.

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