Giving Motoman Robots Sight with MotoSight 3D Spatial Vision

MotoSight 3D Cortex Vision can help increase speeds, object recognition, and overall accuracy on your production line. MotoSight 3D has the ability to train new parts in seconds, recognize a large number of objects, provide an easy-to-use interface, require minimal programming, and more. This comprehensive software is sure to boost the productivity and quality of work on your production line, contact experts today!

Giving Motoman Robots Sight with MotoSight 3D Spatial Vision


Robots are becoming even more capable with the integration of 3D-Vision to further improve speed, object recognition, and accuracy. Motoman Robotics answered to industry's 3D vision demands with the MotoSight 3D CortexVision. It is an easy-to-integrate, comprehensive, and powerful vision system that simplifies the use of 3D vision in robotic guidance applications.

Motosight 3D is ideal for precise part location required for assembly, racking, dispensing, machine loading, product sorting, and welding applications.

Here are a few of the reasons your company should invest in Motosight 3D CortexVision:

  • The ability to train new parts (simple or complex) in seconds
  • The capability of recognizing a large number of objects
  • No camera calibration or programming required
  • There is a simple point-and-click teaching guide
  • Auto-refinement provides high accuracy
  • The interface is easy-to-use and simplifies part training,even for complex parts
  • The color camera technology provides additional object detail

As an added bonus, set-up time is dramatically reduced as the MotoSight 3D utilizes (GigE) technology with a conventional 2D camera (no specialized lasers or sensors) that requires no calibration due to advanced algorithms and unique recognition of trained patterns. This camera will take several pictures and then refine the position of the camera to optimally locate the part and its position in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, roll, pitch and yaw). It will learn and recognize a large number of objects regardless of their position within the camera field of view.

The MotoSight 3D CortexVision package includes: Embedded vision processor, GigE camera technology, High-flex cabling, Ethernet communication, and a 10-meter cable. An IP67-rated camera is available as an option. This software can be used on the following controllers: DX200, DX100, and FS100.

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