Glass Manufacturing in Perrysburg, Ohio

Perrysburg, Ohio has a wide range of manufacturing businesses that use robotic automation. For instance, Owens-Illinois uses industrial robots to help handle glass products. The end of arm tooling on industrial robots can be customized for your specific needs. In this case, the robots have a very delicate grasp and adjust pressure as necessary.

Glass Manufacturing in Perrysburg, Ohio


Up near Bowling Green State University is the town of Perrysburg, Ohio. The small town of just over 20,000 citizens was brought into existence after the settlement below Fort Meigs was flooded in the 1800s. As settlers moved to higher ground in 1816, they decided on the land that is now Perrysburg, which they named for 1812 naval commander Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The area is now home to manufacturing of solar modules, cutting tools and glasswa

Owens-Illinois Inc. a glass packaging manufacturer located in Perrysburg, is one of the most notable companies in the area. The company is also one of the largest glass package manufacturers in the world. The company manufactures bottles for beer, wine, spirits, pharmaceutical, chemicals and food, as well as making tableware.

A company like Owens-Illinois can use robotic automation for several different processes. One major process that can be helped by robotics is the handling of the glass products. Robots have a delicate grasp, and adjust their grip to work with the tolerance of the product. This cuts down on worker error and breakage during production. Robots can also be used to box and palletize glassware for shipping, further cutting down on the chance for worker error and breakage. By minimizing the chance for error, the company has less loss due to do damage and more product makes it to the consumer.

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