Good old manufacturing in Vista, California

Companies such as Watkins Manufacturing Company, located in Vista, California, uses robots on their production line to help build portable hot tubs. The robotics process helps to remove human workers while also increasing the up-time.

Good old manufacturing in Vista, California


Vista, California is a town encased within the greater San Diego Metropolitan Area. The city is known for its great schools and jobs, and was actually named the seventh best place for family life in 2008. And while Vista does have a plethora of jobs in the education industry, it also has a hearty manufacturing industry as well. Manufacturing is actually the fourth largest employer in the area.

So what do they manufacture in Vista, CA? Well, there are companies like the Watkins Manufacturing Company, which builds portable hot tubs. Companies that build fiberglass and plastic items like hot tubs could make even better products by incorporating robotics into their production. With robots to cut fiberglass pieces for hot tubs, manufacturers are raising the health level in their shops. By choosing robotics for this process, human workers are moved away from possibly harmful environments where fiberglass particles are released into the air during the cutting process. These particles can lead to respiratory infections, which can cause more downtime for manufacturers who continue to choose manual fiberglass cutting applications.

Another manufacturer in Vista, California is J-Mark Manufacturing. J-Mark is a sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, but also offers services like welding, machining, assembly and finishing. All of these applications can be improved through robotics. Robots weld faster, machine more accurately, assemble more efficiently and finish more evenly than any manual application ever could. The speed at which these robots can work is unable to be matched by human counterparts. By switching to robotic automation for these processes, manufacturers are choosing to save time and money on production, while improving the amount of product going into the marketplace and the company profits.

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