Grasping at straws – and other materials

Servo-electric grippers enable the ability to control the amount of force when picking up specific robots. This helps to increase productivity and decrease any damage to the product as you can make it as customized as necessary. There are a variety of things you can control in reference to grippers such as the control of position, the control of force, the grip, the energy savings, and the cleanliness.

Grasping at straws – and other materials


When looking at robotic grippers, none may be more fascinating than servo grippers. Servo-electric grippers are somewhat related to other claw and pneumatic grippers, but they are more human-like. This gives the servo gripper an ability to control the amount of force used when picking up objects.

There are several advantages to using a servo-electric gripper over other similar claw robotic grippers currently on the market.

  • Control of position: The position of the servo gripper can be defined and controlled. It does not have to complete its full range of motion with every operation. It can have varying degrees of motion, depending on the items it is handling.
  • Control of force: Since the gripper has better control available for its motion, it can also control the force and speed at which it works. This can help the robotic servo gripper go from one material tolerance to another without having to reprogram.
  • Grip: Because of the encoded motors used by a servo-electric gripper, the robot can detect when an item has been picked up by the end effector. Many manufacturers find this helpful in error-proofing their production.
  • Energy saver: Because there are no air lines in the servo-electric grippers, there is a decrease in production costs.
  • Cleanliness: In cleanroom applications, servo-electric grippers may be the only choice. Air lines in other grippers may cause contamination if they leak.

With so many companies switching from other grippers to servo-electric grippers, it is just a matter of time before these grippers are the most common end effector on the market.

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