Heavy Lifting with Fanuc Material Handling Robots

Fanuc robots has been known for their heavy duty material handling robots for over three decades. Choosing the correct material handling robotic system will help to make sure your integration will run smoothly for many years. Fanuc robots offers a wide range of material handling robots that can lift up to 1350 kg.

Heavy Lifting with Fanuc Material Handling Robots

When you think of robotic material handling, Fanuc Robotics is probably one of the first companies to spring to mind. Fanuc has been offering manufacturers material handling solutions for over three decades now. Fanuc material handling robots are able to improve the overall productivity, especially when dealing with large, heavy materials.

One of the most important parts of designing a material handling robotic system is finding a robot that can handle the weight you need to lift. If the weight is too great for the robot’s capacity, then it will either cause the robot to slow down, or it may damage the robot. Both of these scenarios end up costing manufacturers money in the long run. That is why finding the right material handling robot for your application and material is so important. Fanuc Robotics offers several material handlers that work well with an array of weights – all the way to 1350+kg – which means that you have several different new or used system choices.

Our staff work day in and day out to help our customers make the right choices for their customized systems through consultations, open communication and virtual simulation. The staff of RobotWorx will give you that same treatment when you come to us with inquiries about the robot systems we sell.

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