Heavy lifting with KUKA heavy duty robots

Jan 13, 2014

Heavy duty jobs can now be completed with KUKA heavy duty robots. These robots can lift objects from 300 kg to 1300 kg quickly and efficiently. These heavy duty KUKA robots can work in a variety of industries such as glass, foundry, automotive, and building material.


The need to lift heavy objects is one of the rea­sons that robots have become more attrac­tive than human work­ers in some indus­tri­al areas over the years. Robots can lift more than humans in almost every case – espe­cial­ly when it comes to robots like the KUKA heavy duty robot line. KUKA heavy duty robots can lift any­where from 300kg up to 1300kg – that’s almost 3000 pounds! Even with the assis­tance of machin­ery, that kind of load would be hard for one human work­er to handle.

KUKA heavy duty robots can be found in sev­er­al dif­fer­ent indus­tries today, includ­ing the glass, foundry, auto­mo­tive and build­ing mate­ri­als indus­tries. These indus­tries typ­i­cal­ly use heavy parts that need to be moved effi­cient­ly and quick­ly – that is what makes heavy duty robot­ics from KUKA so invaluable.

A heavy duty robot like the TITAN series can lift any­where from 1000 – 1300kg at one time, depend­ing on the mod­el, and the series has vari­a­tions that can work in adverse con­di­tions, like the heat of a foundry. Using these heavy duty robot sys­tems also increas­es safe­ty in many indus­tri­al set­tings. Try­ing to lift heavy items can cause injury to work­ers, and even death in the case of work pieces that fall dur­ing acci­dents. But, by invest­ing in a KUKA heavy duty robot­ic sys­tem, work­ers can be tak­en out of the dan­ger zone, away from heavy work pieces, and put behind the robots as operators.

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