High-Speed Material Handling with the Motoman MPP3H

The Motoman MPP3H robot can bring flexibility and ease of use to your production line. The design of the MPP-3H was made to help improve maintenance capabilities with removable covers on the base fo reasy cable access. The Motoamn MPP3H is also IP67 rated making it suited for a wide range of material handling jobs such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

High-Speed Material Handling with the Motoman MPP3H


Delta robots, also known as parallel robots or spider robots (because they resemble spiders), are robots that are great for a variety of material handling applications. Many companies make delta robots, and one of Motoman Robotics’ offerings in this area is the MPP3H robot. This robot is flexible enough to perform several different applications, but its specialty is packaging.

Two of the best advantages the MPP3H are its ease of use and its flexibility. The MPP-3H is designed to improve maintenance capabilities, by offering cable access through the base and having removable covers on the base that allow technicians to replenish grease in the system easily.

Besides being easy to use, the MPP 3H is also flexible, as mentioned above. According to Motoman Robotics, the MPP-3H is applicable to a wide range of different industries because it uses food-grade lubricants, has anti-corrosive paint, and is considered IP67 and ISO Class 5 certified. This means that the MPP/3H can be used in the automotive industry or the consumer goods industry, but can also be used to primarily package food, beverages and pharmaceuticals in their respective industries as well.

With the ability to run 150 cycles per minute and a 0.1mm repeatability, it is easy to see why so many manufacturers are flocking to buy the Motoman MPP3H robot.

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