How to avoid common flux cored welding problems

Aug 29, 2013

In order to avoid problems with the flux cored welding solutions, it is important to keep the following things in mind. These tips will help avoid flux cored welding problems and improve your welding quality.


Flux cored weld­ing is one of the more com­mon weld­ing appli­ca­tions avail­able to the man­u­fac­tur­ing and oth­er indus­tries today. Since it is com­mon, there are a cou­ple of tips to avoid flux cored weld­ing prob­lems and improve your weld­ing quality.

One prob­lem that man­u­fac­tur­ers face is wire feed­ing prob­lems in the robot­ic weld­ing pack­age, accord­ing to Bernard​welds​.com. When wire feed­ers have issues with burn­back or birdnest­ing, the arc is extin­guished pre­ma­ture­ly. This can lead to defects in the weld, and con­sid­er­able down­time for the manufacturer.

Man­u­fac­tur­ers can avoid this com­mon flux cored weld­ing prob­lem by mak­ing sure the wire feed­ing speed is cor­rect, and that the wire is not tan­gled. Reg­u­lar pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance can help to cor­rect these issues and keep com­pa­nies from los­ing valu­able pro­duc­tion hours when a prob­lem like this arises.

Oth­er prob­lems that man­u­fac­tur­ers face with a com­mon flux cored welder don’t have to do with the welder itself, but the mate­r­i­al it is weld­ing. One exam­ple is poros­i­ty. The web­site states that poros­i­ty is a result of gas becom­ing trapped in the weld, either in one place or through­out the weld. This kind of issue can cause weak­ened integri­ty in your welds.

Poros­i­ty is actu­al­ly a fair­ly easy prob­lem to con­trol. Man­u­fac­tur­ers need to make sure they have prop­er qual­i­ty con­trol in place to check the sur­face of work piece met­als pri­or to weld­ing. This com­mon prob­lem can be pre­vent­ed by mak­ing sure to remove rust, grease, paint and any oth­er sur­face con­t­a­m­i­nants from the work piece pri­or to the begin­ning of the flux cored weld­ing process.

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