How to avoid common flux cored welding problems

In order to avoid problems with the flux cored welding solutions, it is important to keep the following things in mind. These tips will help avoid flux cored welding problems and improve your welding quality.

How to avoid common flux cored welding problems


Flux cored welding is one of the more common welding applications available to the manufacturing and other industries today. Since it is common, there are a couple of tips to avoid flux cored welding problems and improve your welding quality.

One problem that manufacturers face is wire feeding problems in the robotic welding package, according to When wire feeders have issues with burnback or birdnesting, the arc is extinguished prematurely. This can lead to defects in the weld, and considerable downtime for the manufacturer.

Manufacturers can avoid this common flux cored welding problem by making sure the wire feeding speed is correct, and that the wire is not tangled. Regular preventative maintenance can help to correct these issues and keep companies from losing valuable production hours when a problem like this arises.

Other problems that manufacturers face with a common flux cored welder don’t have to do with the welder itself, but the material it is welding. One example is porosity. The website states that porosity is a result of gas becoming trapped in the weld, either in one place or throughout the weld. This kind of issue can cause weakened integrity in your welds.

Porosity is actually a fairly easy problem to control. Manufacturers need to make sure they have proper quality control in place to check the surface of work piece metals prior to welding. This common problem can be prevented by making sure to remove rust, grease, paint and any other surface contaminants from the work piece prior to the beginning of the flux cored welding process.

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