How to clean a robot – without getting wet

It is important to keep industrial robots clean in order to extend their service life to the fullest. When a robot works in an industrial setting, it is normal for it to get dirty and grimy. RobotWorx experts use dry ice to help clean the robots of debris.

How to clean a robot – without getting wet

Industrial robots work in several different industries, and many of them can have dirt and dust-filled environments. But how do you clean a robot? It’s not as easy as hosing off your car or boat.

Cleaning a robot is a complex process that takes time and effort – without using any water. When a robot has been working in an industrial setting like an automobile plant or a foundry, it can get very dirty and grimy. Unlike other mechanics, like the cars and boats mentioned above, robots are run by complex systems and parts that can be damaged or ruined if they get wet.

So, instead of using water, companies like RobotWorx use a drier option. Dry ice, to be exact. When RobotWorx gets used robots in to the plant in Marion, Ohio, they are covered with residue, old paint and grease, as well as other types of debris. The company uses a dry ice blast cleaning system from Cold Jet get the robots looking squeaky clean.


RobotWorx uses these dry ice pellets during the robot cleaning process by shooting them through a special nozzle using compressed air. This expulsion rate allows the ice impact the surface of the robot in a way that removes the dirt without damaging the robot, or the delicate electronic equipment held inside.

Not only does this process save on the possible damage that can be done by cleaning a robot with water, which can damage electronics through moisture buildup, but it can also save companies money by cutting down on the amount of cleaning solvents needed during the process. RobotWorx, which has an environmentally-friendly facility, reduced its robot cleaning solvents by 75 percent with this dry ice blasting process.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of robots from Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has several new and refurbished robots in the warehouse ready for purchase and customization. RobotWorx puts all used robots through a comprehensive inspection checklist and thorough refurbishing process, including the dry ice robot cleaning.

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