How to install automation in your production line

Installing an automation system requires the assistance of experts. The staff at RobotWorx have over 25 years of experience and will make sure that your new robotic system integration goes smoothly.

How to install automation in your production line


So, you’ve done all the work. You’ve collaborated with a robotics integrator like RobotWorx to come up with the perfect robotics system or work cell for your facility. You’ve planned out how the robot will work, and even worked out the bugs through virtual models. And now, the robot or work cell has been built by RobotWorx, and it is sitting in your facility. But, how do you go about installing this automation into your workplace?

Well, one of the first steps for installing automated products, after marveling at your purchase, is to remove the plastic from the robot. This may seem like an obvious step, but it is necessary to note it. Also, when removing the plastic from the robot, be careful to not rip any hoses or cables. That can be tragic for your system. When the plastic has been removed, please look over the entire system to make sure it is exactly as you wished. Make sure there is no damage or missing parts anywhere. Once you look over everything and ensure all the parts are there, it is time to move the robot.

Because robot systems are usually packed on pallets, it is easy to move them with the use of a forklift. Transport the robot to the spot that it will work. It is important to make sure that this space will be able to support the weight of the robot, as well as the force and movement it will be using during the automation process. Once the robot is in place and bolted into the floor, it is just a just a matter of connecting all of the cables, and testing out the robot for yourself.

Installing automation seems easy, and it can be, especially if you use a robotics integrator like RobotWorx to walk you through the process.

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