Humans and Robots Working Together through User Interfaces

KUKA has created a variety of software programs to help increase the user interface experience. This interface enables a more effective operation and user-friendly production environment.

Humans and Robots Working Together through User Interfaces


The user interface is where interaction between humans and machines occurs. The interface allows the user to control the machine for effective operation and obtain feedback from the machine. Graphical user interfaces allow users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators as opposed to text-based indicators.

KUKA offers a wide range of functions for the system software that will enhance the user interface. KUKA. OPC Server technology is an open interface standard that enables simple data exchange between the devices in the production area with the PC applications for monitoring and planning. KUKA.UserTEch allows the user to program robot program sequences and motion tasks quickly and easily. KUKA.ExpertTech provides a user interface to simply the entry of expert commands. KUKA.HMI offers a user-friendly interface enabling beginners to complete user interfaces with a wide range of animation functions. KUKA.SmartGUI is a graphical user interface that can be adapted to the specific application requirements.

Motoman developed the PC-HMI, a cost-effective PC-based user interface that provides a customizable option for customer user interface needs. It allows users to configure and customize the screens and information on the HMI without having to purchase development software.

Fanuc recently presented its iPendant, the next generation in user interface technology. The iPendant is internet-ready and allows users to browse the information available. The graphic interface is presented in an intuitive multi-window color scheme for easy use. It provides integrated help and diagnostics functions as well as enhances robot and process data allowing instant access to critical information.

ABB offers the WS500 graphical user interface. It is high-performance, high-scalability, and high-configurability for real-time control of processes. It can be used on both local and remote workstations.

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