Improve Weld Quality and Cycle Times with Motoman's AccuFast II

Motoman AccuFast II Weld Software

If you are looking to improve your weld quality and reduce cycle times even more, than Motoman’s new laser-based seam finder, AccuFast II, is the solution. This economical, enhanced software offers increased performance with improved sensor capabilities for Motoman’s Arc Welding robots; the MA- and VA- series and other standard 6 axis robots. AccuFast II is unique; rather than “touch” sensing with the weld wire, it uses a non-contact commercial point laser enabling quick and accurate location of welding seams.

AccuFast II is able to provide readings on a variety of materials at angles of measurement that were not before possible and has built-in jobs for different joint types. It provides more reliable and repeatable feedback to the robot controller regarding part position. Furthermore, installation into existing robot installations should be simple as the input and output signals that the sensor uses are the same as touch sense. Cycle times are greatly reduced by eliminating the need to cut the weld wire; it can also search at faster speeds due to elimination of wire deflection.

The sensor is compact and mounted in-line with the welding torch; it is compatible with Motoman’s industry-leading thru-arm torch design robots. The laser sensor is protected from the harsh welding environment in an enclosure with a pneumatic shutter and positive air pressure. There is also an optional laser target available that aids in maintaining the sensor TCP and adjusts the points if the sensor is serviced.

Programming is simplified with macro job routines as AccuFast II provides a single instruction in the robot job for detecting a seam or feature. Macro jobs and the auto-teach function can automatically find the taught part location and orientation. 

Motoman is proud of they innovative software and technologies that they offer to their customer's; a wide range of cost-effective thru-wire touch sensors to cutting-edge laser and vision systems. RobotWorx representatives are ready to help discuss all of these options with you and ultimately bring better weld quality to your production line. 

Contact representatives online or at 740-251-4312 to get started with your AccuFastII integration today.

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