Improving Assembly With Vision Robots

Robotic vision systems enable robots to conduct complicated tasks. The vision systems on automation production lines also increase the precision and accuracy of the final product.

Improving Assembly With Vision Robots


While robotic assembly applications have increased in both complexity and number of the years, a large number of applications have been passed over due to technology. When automated robots are fitted with 3-D vision, however, the realm of possibility rapidly expands.

Integrating vision into robots has greatly increased their flexibility. Robotic vision is used in a growing number of robotic applications and allows businesses of all sizes to achieve significant increased productivity, making them more competitive in their markets. These automated robotic systems are capable of performing complicated tasks while being able to work longer hours that human workers.

3D vision robots, can also provide significant cost savings to manufacturers by eliminating the need for custom trays or locating devices to repeatedly position parts for applications like bin picking -- something that was required by older robotic applications.

The vision robot can locate all the available parts in a bin, choose the next part to pick up and figure out the best gripper orientation for picking the item up and moving it. Then, it moves down the line to other automated robotic arms that work on different applications for production.

This 3-D vision makes automated robots more versatile and able to complete sophisticated tasks in the face of hazardous or uncertain environments. The addition of machine vision can increase a company's productivity and enhance the quality of their products.

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