Improving cycle times and repeatability with ABB gantry robots


ABB Robotics is one of the leaders in the automation industry. The company produces hundreds of robot models that can perform several dozen different robot applications. These ABB robot can be mounted to the floor, the wall or even a shelf – and some, the gantry robots, can be mounted on an overhead track above the work area.

With an ABB gantry robot, manufacturers are able to get the advantages of an articulated robot, while also benefiting from the improved flexibility and cycle times of a linear gantry robotic system, according to a press release from ABB. With a 150kg payload, the flexibility of the ABB gantry robotic system is demonstrated through its ability to perform material handling applications like machine tending, while also being suitable for welding and material removal applications as well. This saves companies from having to buy additional machinery or robots to complete these applications.

While flexibility is always a great benefit, this gantry robot from ABB also offers a reduction in cycle times, a common benefit of an articulated robotic system. When companies are able to reduce their cycle times, they are able to increase their overall production speed and get products out to the consumer at a faster rate. This type of advantage can save the company even more time and money when it comes to production and labor costs.

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