Improving cycle times and repeatability with ABB gantry robots

Feb 18, 2014

ABB Robotics is one of the leaders in the automation industry. The company produces hundreds of ABB gantry robots can help to increase cycle times and repeatability on production lines. Gantry robots are versatile as they can be mounted to the floor, wall, shelf, and sometimes even overheard.


ABB Robot­ics is one of the lead­ers in the automa­tion indus­try. The com­pa­ny pro­duces hun­dreds of robot mod­els that can per­form sev­er­al dozen dif­fer­ent robot appli­ca­tions. These ABB robot can be mount­ed to the floor, the wall or even a shelf – and some, the gantry robots, can be mount­ed on an over­head track above the work area.

With an ABB gantry robot, man­u­fac­tur­ers are able to get the advan­tages of an artic­u­lat­ed robot, while also ben­e­fit­ing from the improved flex­i­bil­i­ty and cycle times of a lin­ear gantry robot­ic sys­tem, accord­ing to a press release from ABB. With a 150kg pay­load, the flex­i­bil­i­ty of the ABB gantry robot­ic sys­tem is demon­strat­ed through its abil­i­ty to per­form mate­r­i­al han­dling appli­ca­tions like machine tend­ing, while also being suit­able for weld­ing and mate­r­i­al removal appli­ca­tions as well. This saves com­pa­nies from hav­ing to buy addi­tion­al machin­ery or robots to com­plete these applications.

While flex­i­bil­i­ty is always a great ben­e­fit, this gantry robot from ABB also offers a reduc­tion in cycle times, a com­mon ben­e­fit of an artic­u­lat­ed robot­ic sys­tem. When com­pa­nies are able to reduce their cycle times, they are able to increase their over­all pro­duc­tion speed and get prod­ucts out to the con­sumer at a faster rate. This type of advan­tage can save the com­pa­ny even more time and mon­ey when it comes to pro­duc­tion and labor costs.

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