Improving FANUC MIG Welding with TorchMate Sensors and ArcTool Software

Welding Robots

With MIG welding being one of the most common types of welding used in the industrial world, it isn’t surprising that a company like FANUC Robotics would be at the forefront of MIG welding automation. FANUC has a series of MIG welding robots that are able to save manufacturers time and money, while improving movement and coordination through tools like FANUC’s TorchMate vision sensor and ArcTool software.

FANUC's iRVision Torchmate vision sensor allows MIG welders from FANUC to compensate for changes in the torch or wire tip position, reducing the need for path programming and torch repair. The movement of many FANUC MIG welding robots is also improved by having a hollow arm and wrist, which allows for movement without dragging power and gas cables and hoses. This also cuts down on wear and tear of the cables and hoses, which decreases maintenance costs over the life of the welder.

Another time saver for FANUC MIG welding robot systems is FANUC ArcTool Software. This software allows for easy programming of MIG and other types of arc welding for FANUC robots. It also increases the production uptime by cutting down path teaching through the addition of advanced process functions. ArcTool software simplifies the setup of MIG welding applications, with point and shoot positioning, giving the operator full control over the welding process, with user-friendly, common language commands.

Finally, many FANUC MIG welding robotic systems also benefit from having flexible mounting options, including floor, ceiling, and angle mounting, which means it can maximize the work envelope during the application. The ARC Mate series of MIG welding robots also features a wire feeder mounting facility on the J3 arm, which provides a more stable wire feed during the MIG welding application by reducing the weld harness length.

Are you interested in learning more about MIG welding robots from FANUC and all the tools that can help improve your MIG welding application? Then you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUC Robotics. Our staff will work with you to help you design and customize the perfect MIG welding system for your facility.

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