Improving Fanuc MIG Welding with TorchMate Sensors and ArcTool Software

Dec 8, 2015

ArcTool Software helps bring easier programming of MIG and other types of arc welding for Fanuc robots. It helps to decrease downtime by decreasing path teaching through the addition of advanced process functions. TorchMater sensors enable MIG welders to compensate for changes in the torch or wire tip position, reducing the need for path programming and torch repair. Overall, these two softwares options help to improve the production line.

Welding Robots

With MIG weld­ing being one of the most com­mon types of weld­ing used in the indus­tri­al world, it isn’t sur­pris­ing that a com­pa­ny like Fanuc Robot­ics would be at the fore­front of MIG weld­ing automa­tion. Fanuc has a series of MIG weld­ing robots that are able to save man­u­fac­tur­ers time and mon­ey, while improv­ing move­ment and coor­di­na­tion through tools like Fanuc’s Torch­Mate vision sen­sor and Arc­Tool software.

Fanuc’s iRVi­sion Torch­mate vision sen­sor allows MIG welders from Fanuc to com­pen­sate for changes in the torch or wire tip posi­tion, reduc­ing the need for path pro­gram­ming and torch repair. The move­ment of many Fanuc MIG weld­ing robots is also improved by hav­ing a hol­low arm and wrist, which allows for move­ment with­out drag­ging pow­er and gas cables and hoses. This also cuts down on wear and tear of the cables and hoses, which decreas­es main­te­nance costs over the life of the welder. 

Anoth­er time saver for Fanuc MIG weld­ing robot sys­tems is Fanuc Arc­Tool Soft­ware. This soft­ware allows for easy pro­gram­ming of MIG and oth­er types of arc weld­ing for Fanuc robots. It also increas­es the pro­duc­tion uptime by cut­ting down path teach­ing through the addi­tion of advanced process func­tions. Arc­Tool soft­ware sim­pli­fies the set­up of MIG weld­ing appli­ca­tions, with point-and-shoot posi­tion­ing, giv­ing the oper­a­tor full con­trol over the weld­ing process, with user-friend­ly, com­mon lan­guage commands. 

Final­ly, many Fanuc MIG weld­ing robot­ic sys­tems also ben­e­fit from hav­ing flex­i­ble mount­ing options, includ­ing floor, ceil­ing, and angle mount­ing, which means it can max­i­mize the work enve­lope dur­ing the appli­ca­tion. The ARC Mate series of MIG weld­ing robots also fea­tures a wire feed­er mount­ing facil­i­ty on the J3 arm, which pro­vides a more sta­ble wire feed dur­ing the MIG weld­ing appli­ca­tion by reduc­ing the weld har­ness length. 

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