Improving Production Rates with SpeedRack Products Group – Quincy, MI

​SpeedRack Products Group integrated a FANUC ARC MAte 120iB/10L with Lincoln PowerWave 455 onto their production line through the help of RobotWorx. SpeedRack stated that their production rates have increased by 15% as well as improving their output and reducing labor costs. The company was very happy with the work of RobotWorx and will look forward to working with them again.

Improving Production Rates with SpeedRack Products Group – Quincy, MI


One of the first things you learn about SpeedRack Products Group when you look at their website, is that they are different, and they pride themselves in being revolutionary in the storage products industry. It makes sense that a company that wants to stay at the forefront in their industry would use automation to do so, especially when building warehouse logistic solutions like tubular pallet racks, as well as a variety of other products.

Recently, SpeedRack approached RobotWorx to purchase a robotics system to help improve their production rates. Though the FANUC ARC Mate 120iB/10L with Lincoln PowerWave 455 system is not fully operational in their shop yet, Steve Barker of SpeedRack stated that they are calculating that the system will improve their production rates by 15 percent, as well as improving their output and relieving a welder from having to do all of the welding.

Though SpeedRack has purchased other robots in the past from auctions and other companies, Barker rated the company’s system, as well as cost of the system compared to other companies, at a 5 (excellent). Barker stated that SpeedRack looked forward to purchasing another robot from RobotWorx as soon as their current system was operational. He also stated that the purchase was very easy and sales and service helped to decide what was needed.

“I highly recommend RobotWorx,” Barker stated. “The staff is very knowledgeable and service was great. Any questions we had was answered quickly and satisfactory. I would not hesitate to purchase another system from them.”

Are you interested in having robot purchasing experience like SpeedRack Products Group? Then you should call RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312 and speak to a member of our sales team today!

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