Improving Safety with Brazonics – Hampton, NH


Brazonics, an electronics packaging and thermal management company in Hampton, New Hampshire, is a company that manufactures a wide array of aluminum brazed assemblies, including fabricated enclosures and chassis, heat exchangers, cold plates and walls, cooling systems, and air and liquid flow through devices. They even provide companies with brazing services, a process that operates at high temperatures and can be dangerous when performed manually.

Recently, Brazonics approached RobotWorx, a Marion, Ohio robotics integrator, to purchase a robot for their shop. They settled on a FANUC M-900iA/350 RJ3iB robotic system. This was their first time purchasing an industrial robot, and it seems to have been a successful outing. According to Kenn Bevins of Brazonics, their FANUC system has not only improved their quality through repeatability and labor savings, but it has also improved the safety the shop.

Bevins stated that Brazonics was satisfied with their customer service experience and their training experience, even going so far as to state that the training at RobotWorx was what the company liked the most about the purchase. Bevins stated that he would recommend RobotWorx to others, and said that everything was “exactly as advertised and promised.”

Are you interested in having a positive purchasing experience like Brazonics did? Then you should give RobotWorx a call today! Our sales team is waiting to start planning your new or used industrial robotic system. For more information, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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