Industrial Supply in Niles, Illinois

Grainger has benefited from robotic automation in a variety of their applications such as assembly, cutting and welding. This Niles-based company also has the robots sort different products, pick products from bins to fill orders, and package orders for companies and palletize them for transport. Automating the production line has helped Grainger improve their overall production speeds.

Industrial Supply in Niles, Illinois


Unlike many suburbs of Chicago, Niles, Illinois has existed since the early 1800s. It was settled in 1827, and was finally incorporated by Illinois in 1899. While there is no clear account as to where Niles got its name, the town is still alive and well today, continuing its growth all these years later, boasting more than 30,000 residents. The economy of the town is diverse, unlike some area suburbs that are almost exclusively industrial or service-oriented. There are many different markets served, including sales, communications, food and beverage, sports and fitness and other consumer goods.

One of the top employers in Niles, IL is W.W. Grainger, an industrial supply company. Grainger offers a plethora of products to make sure your place of business runs smoothly, like abrasives, adhesives, hardware, lighting, lab supplies, office supplies, outdoor equipment, plumbing and pneumatics, along with other parts and supplies.

A company like Grainger can use the benefit of robotic automation in many separate ways. It can use robots to manufacture parts that are made in-house, using the robots for assembly, cutting and welding, as well as other applications. But, that is not all that robot automation can do. This Niles-based company can also use robots to sort their different products, as well as pick products from bins to fill orders. A robotic automation system could also package orders for companies and palletize them for transport. This speeds up orders being processed and sent out to customers, which boosts the reputation of a company, like Grainger, and possibly enhances their profits.

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