Industries that use pick and pack robots

Pick and pack robots are helping industries across the globe improve their production process. Industries such as the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and more are ensuring proper packaging by integrating pick and pack robots. Accuracy, efficiency, and productivity are all being increased through the integration of these systems.

Industries that use pick and pack robots


Industries all over the world have made the move to automation over the last several decades. It all started with the automotive industry and the Unimate robot in the 1960s, but dozens of other applications have been developed to work with robotics since then. Industries like the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries use automation like pick and pack robots to make sure that their products are packaged appropriately, which could mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

Accuracy is paramount in the food and beverage industry. The right beverages or foods have to get into the right packages and then they have to be packed into the right cases. Pick and pack robotic ensure that this industry is able to cut down on the problems that could stem from placing the wrong items in the wrong box – like mistakenly giving someone with a gluten allergy a product with gluten, due to a mishap during the packing process. This not only improves the overall product, but also ensures a maintained reputation for the company.

Lack of accuracy could also be very detrimental to the health of those counting on the right medications in the pharmaceutical industry. With the precision of robotic pick and pack systems, manufacturers are sure to see a dramatic decrease in errors for their pill packing application. They also observe a marked increase in the speed of the bottling process of those medications, saving time and money through the use of robot pick and packers.

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