Injection Molding Machine Tending Robots

Jul 22, 2013

Machine tending robots that tend to injection molding machines help to ensure that the machine is functioning properly. The machine tending robots help to increase the worker safety for injection molding machine environments and also increase the speed and accuracy of the final product.


Machine Tend­ing robots are pri­mar­i­ly respon­si­ble for ensur­ing a machine is func­tion­ing prop­er­ly. They can also feed parts in and out of the machine. Robots that tend injec­tion mold­ing machines are an alter­na­tive to human man­pow­er. Some parts in mold­ing machines are sim­ply too large for a per­son to unload, for exam­ple. Injec­tion mold­ing machines are among oth­er machine tend­ing appli­ca­tions, such as die-cast­ing machines and machine tools.

The Fanuc R2000iC/​165 robot was used in a ful­ly auto­mat­ic stand­alone injec­tion mold­ing sys­tem. This 6‑axis robot has a 165kg pay­load and an R30iA con­troller. It boasts cus­tom end-of-arm tool­ing with a Robo­hand 3 jaw pneu­mat­ic grip­per. It is also equipped with an iRVi­sion 3DL sen­sor. These fea­tures allow the R2000iC/​165 mod­el to depal­letize and restack, pick the prod­uct and place it into the pre-heater, pick it from the pre-heater and place it into the injec­tion mold­ing machine, pick it from the machine and place it on the trim sta­tion, and final­ly repal­letize it at the end of the process. This tedious, and often dan­ger­ous, process is made sim­ple with an auto­mat­ed tend­ing solution.

ABBs IRB 1600 was designed for quick, accu­rate han­dling oper­a­tions. It can bend back­wards and is steam-wash­able with an option­al IP 67 clas­si­fi­ca­tion. Four ver­sions of the robot are avail­able, and it is the strongest robot in its class. It can reach 700mm below its base, and its arm and wrist design ensures easy part extrac­tion from the injec­tion mold­ing machine. It is ide­al for tend­ing injec­tion mold­ing machines, and can do so with an improved cycle time in load­ing/unload­ing injec­tion mold­ing machines with sizes from 100 – 250 tons. The IRB 1600 can also be used for post pro­cess­ing appli­ca­tions like assem­bly, label­ing, and qual­i­ty control.

Mack Molding’s South­ern Oper­a­tions select­ed KUKA to be their 6‑axis robot­ics sup­pli­er for injec­tion mold­ing sys­tems. A vari­ety of KUKA mod­els will be used to han­dle Mack Molding’s machine tend­ing for injec­tion mold­ing machines. KUKA’s 6‑axis mod­els sup­port pay­loads rang­ing from 3 to 570 kg, and will be able to han­dle machines rang­ing from 500 to 3350 tons. Their reach­es range from 635 to 3326 mm. KUKA was cho­sen because its robots are most geared toward the injec­tion mold­ing industry.

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