Injection Molding Robots Promise Improved Productivity

​Injection molding inserts certain materials into a mold. It is typically a liquid thermoplastic or thermo-setting in which they have to be removed after they are set. A robot offers the perfect solution for the parts that need extra precision or care; they also provide increased speeds and efficiency.

Injection Molding Robots Promise Improved Productivity


Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which material is inserted into a mold. Usually liquid thermoplastic or thermo-setting materials are used to fill a mold, and after they set in the mold, the finished part must be removed from the injection molding machine. Since some parts can be large or unwieldy for a human to handle, a robot provides the perfect solution to removal issues. They remove the part from the machine with more efficiency and speed than a human counterpart could.

Injection molding robots are ideal for many applications like material handling, dispensing, machine loading, and machine tending, and perform their duties with quick, accurate movements. Injection mold tending jobs such as pretreating plastic and rubber parts, laser welding, and combining materials become simple, fluid processes when automated.

Further, injection molding machines can run around the clock when they are tended by robots. Robots do not need to take breaks or spend time deducing how to best remove a part, nor do they vary in their timing and placement of parts. Obviously, production rates are increased and cycle times are more dependable when robots are at the helm of an injection molding machine.

HYRobotics is a company that specializes in designing injection molding robots for a variety of needs. Their products range from sprue and part removal robots to automated insert molding, to de-gating and in-mold labeling, to parts stacking. Productivity is a promise: customer satisfaction is maximized as the manufacturing value is increased.

If productivity is the end goal, injection molding robots are an avenue to success. RobotWorx carries a wide variety of injection molding robots. To learn more about which one would be right for your facility, contact RobotWorx here or call 877-762-6881.