Injection-Molding Universal Robots Bring Accurate Handling and Short Run Manufacturing

Universal robots help to increase the overall accuracy and precision on your handling and short run manufacturing lines. There are a few options of Universal Robots to choose from, payloads ranging from 3-10 kg. These UR robots will help to increase the injection-molding application while also removing workers from the repetitive and tedious work. For Universal Robot integration, contact RobotWorx experts today.

Injection-Molding Universal Robots Bring Accurate Handling and Short Run Manufacturing

Injection molding UR robots

If your production line is seeking easy collaboration, accurate handling, and fast paybacks for your injection molding application, than look no further than the Universal Robot collaborative series. UR robots will bring ultimately productivity and short-run manufacturing to injection-molding businesses of all sizes and help automate a wide range of tasks with their different collaborative robots.

Variety of Options:

They offer robots with payload ranges from 3-10 kg and a high mix-low volume manufacturing environment. The UR robots will relieve your injection –molding operators from physically demanding, repetitive work and also increase safety on the production floor by eliminating the risk of injuries. Universal Robot cobots have a footprint of 1 sqm and require minimal mounting. These characteristics make it easy to incorporate any UR robot into almost any existing production line.


UR industrial robots can be operated autonomously in injection molding applications and across all areas of plastic and polymer production. This allows your business to continue molding after employees have left the building. The UR injection molding robots are able to ensure uniform quality, production cost reductions, and operation optimization. For instance, they can constantly dose exactly the same quantity of a fluid, maintaining consistent pressure for injection-molding tasks.

Easy to Use:

Universal Robots designed a product that is beyond simple to use, lightweight, compact, and flexible. There is no experience required to program and set-up these collaborative robots; all it takes is following logical steps and intuitive tools. These robots can be moved or transferred to new processes quickly, providing the ability to automate almost any manual task.

There is an additional option to help the ease of use, Euromap 67. This adds even more connectivity and flexibility to injection molding applications by offering user-friendly templates to enable fast and simple programming and communication signals between the robot arm and injection-molding machine.


Furthermore, these robots can work next to a worker without any special safety equipment. UR robots have a patented safety technology that limits the forces at contact and provides the option of operating in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work area. The removal of a safety cage increases flexibility and versatility on a production line. The UR robots excel at predictable, repetitive responsibilities and offer human workers the freedom to add value by doing more reward tasks.

Contact RobotWorx

Thinking about going collaborative? Collaborative robot work allows maximum potential, for both robots and employees. RobotWorx representatives look forward to discussing all of the Universal Robots that can increase productivity on your production line. For more information, contact experts online or at 740-251-4312.

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