Investing in Robotics

Companies around the globe are integrating automation systems and quickly realizing the benefits of industrial robots. Investing in industrial robot systems will help companies save time, money, and get a fast ROI, making the initial investment worth it.

Investing in Robotics


More and more companies are investing in robotics every year. Why the rush to automate? That is simple: These companies realize that an investment in robotics is going to improve the quality of their products, while saving them time and money -- all of which are pluses for those crunching the numbers for any company.

Anyone that has priced or purchased a robotic system for their factory knows that they can be expensive. Some of the systems cost upwards of $100,000. However, in the long run, as long as these robots are properly integrated, their return on investment can be tenfold. Companies invest in robots because they are more cost effective than human workers. If a human worker makes $15 an hour at a factory, and they work 40 hours a week, then they are being paid $600 a week. That means that over one year, they will make over $30,000. Many robots can take over for several workers, instead of just one, which means that they are paying for themselves in around one year or less. After that, the company only needs to pay for maintenance.

Along with the amount of money saved with integration, companies are also investing in robots because of the reasons mentioned above – robots are able to improve speed during the production process, while also improving accuracy. This means that the company will have products made faster, without having to sacrifice quality, which is always a good thing.

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