IQ on the Rise with Intelligent Robot Software

Intelligent Robot Software is on its way to reproducing human sense and creating an incredibly efficient and precise production line. The robots use the data gathered by the intelligent software to make decisions, using a range of sensors and cameras.

IQ on the Rise with Intelligent Robot Software


Attention Star Wars fans: R2D2 may soon become a reality. Intelligent Robots are formatted with the intention of reproducing human senses. Just as humans see, hear, and touch, intelligent robot software allows robots to use their “senses” to gather information about their environment. The robots then use this data to make informed decisions for themselves. The range of sensors allows the robot to actually learn and reason about how to behave in response to environmental triggers.

To make intelligent decisions, robots need to be equipped with laser vision sensors and force sensors. Fanuc has developed several different software options related to vision, such as 2D Vision Guidance, 3DL Vision Guidance, and Visual Line Tracking.

One of the most significant intelligent software options from Fanuc is their Learning Vibration Control software. This program enables the robot to actually learn the characteristics of a certain application path. The software records the path’s characteristics as the robot runs the path several times to collect learning data. The robot then can optimize the path data, thus improving accelerations and speeds, and therefore, the cycle time. When used along with iRVision and secondary encoders, the software provides less vibration and high accuracy.

IRSP (Intelligent Robot Software Platform) from AIBrain, Inc, is an intelligent robot building software for developers of all levels. IRSP integrates many components, software and hardware, and automatically recognizes the availability of such devices. It also supports the need to build intelligence quickly.

Finally, Aware 2 Robot Intelligence Software from iRobot provides the structure for developing networked robot applications that are based on intelligent behavior. Users can create and utilize high-level behaviors immediately. Aware 2 also uses modern tools such as web-based data management.

There are many types of intelligent robot software systems out there, but if you would like to know more about how to incorporate this type of software into your industrial robot, contact at 877-762-6881.